monday, monday…

Time for another round-up post!

My weekend is Sunday/Monday – at least in the off-season.  When tourist time rolls around we are open all week, and who knows what will befall me.  I like to set aside one day to take a ton of pictures (because it’s good for my soul) if the weather is nice.  Today the sun was warm and lovely, even if the wind was brisk.  Here are a few from my yard session and my walk with Ella later on.

View the full album here.


Whiskey, growing up like a dream!


Ella tries to talk Ian out of his hard-won stick.


Magnum prepares to pounce.


There were no pictures of Elli, as she chose to sit on the porch and look disgusted while everyone ran around and chewed on sticks.


Ella is in love with Whiskey.  I don’t know if it’s Whiskey herself, or if it’s because Whiskey is a puppy.  Ella has always liked puppies, and likes them more since she had some of her own.

Well, she likes her until…

 …she tries to steal her stick…



There is a great nature trail a quarter of a mile from the house.  It’s been impassable most of the winter because it’s shaded by timber and the snow doesn’t melt.  I can’t wait for warm weather, to hike it every day.


Under the category of puppy updates, the Rush x Ella babies (a.k.a. the mostly “Astronomy” litter – Valentine had to be funny, and mine, no matter what kind of star name I tried to give her, or how I tried to give her away) are growing up.

Rook (Hagaren’s Wandering Star) continues to be goofy…

“My ice. Mine.”  (Narration by Brianna.)


…Leeloo (Hagaren’s Blue Moon) continues to be beautiful…


…and Caity (Hagaren Regent Calico Sky) has a new blue puppy to keep her busy.


I am planning to go South next weekend to look at Joanna’s new Daisy Poppy babies, and to spend a little time with my own.  I  love having grandpuppies!

Valentine loving on Brian.

And Ollie getting in on the kisses, too.

Brian is Kathy and Jim’s son, and Ollie’s “official” owner.  He is also (apparently) the most popular young man in the world.  I swear I get more hits from Google because his name is listed as Ollie’s owner than I do from people searching for dog-related things!

Karen posted some current photos of Brady, Ella’s next husband, and I stole them from her Facebook feed.  She says he was out playing with the sheep, and went straight from the pasture to the table.  Valentine and Ollie are the first dogs I have owned with correct coats, and Brady is the same.  I have to say, I may become a coat nut!

And, lastly but not leastly, a big congratulations to Carolyn Cannon and Mandy Katasse, whose boy Pilot (GCH C-Myste Baledwr Free To Disagree) went Best of Breed at Westminster today.  He brought a whole cheering squad with him from all over the country, and it seems to have worked!  Carolyn and Mandy bred my own foundation dog, Golem, as well as his sister Blue.  They are the most wonderful people, and I am so glad they have been blessed with this amazing experience!  They must still feel like they are dreaming.


As of this writing they have not gone to group, but I know there will be many people sitting in front of their TVs tonight, cheering Pilot on.


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