the next step

I had been planning to post my breeding plan sometime soon, and then Joanna went and announced her lineup, so I will just have to look like a dirty copycat.  ;)

I had planned to repeat my Rush litter, since I have been so happy with his babies, but then I moved far enough away that driving Ella down to Alabama wasn’t a comfortable option anymore, and if you think I am made insane by dog shows, let’s not think about what a stress-ball shipping chilled semen would make of me.  I also thought it might be a good idea to see what another stud dog could do for her.  Eggs not all in one basket.  That sort of thing.

I have pretty much scoured the earth for black stud dogs.  I looked at several when I was at the 2010 National (which is where I got to look at Rush all grown up, and decided to go with him), and after much debate (and annoying of friends) I have settled on one of the other contenders from that time.

Next time Ella will go to Brady, GCH Woodrose Whip Up A Rumor.  Brady is bred by Karen Lyons, and owned by Karen’s sister, Cheryl Mulcahey. The photo on his Cardiped page is outdated, taken when he won back-to-back group placements as a nine-month-old puppy.  I was supposed to take photos of him in Fitchburg a few weeks ago, but he had a girl waiting for him down south, and ran off to be with Granny Karen for a few months to chase sheep and special a little in preparation for the National.  I do have a few not-the-most-greatest photos, which I took of him ringside at the 2010 National, where you can at least see how he matured.  Cheryl says she will pester Karen to take some more.

Brady is a handsome dog who brings Ella:  a better shoulder and better shoulder placement; a beautiful deep keel; ample neck; a strong topline; a good front; and a hard, correct coat.  The line-breeding will be primarily on Fudge (the same line-breeding as I did with Rush and the reason, I suspect, that I was able to improve Ella’s front), with BJ and Inky (both ROM producers) a little father back in the pedigree.


Brady is OFA Good, PRA clear, and DM clear.  He is a fluff carrier, and so is Ella, so we will probably get some coats.  I think we will only get brindle points.  Brady is a half-sibling, through their dam, to Dawn’s Ian and Elli, and Dawn showed him towards most of his Grand Champion points.

I am shooting to do the breeding May-ish, but that will depend on what it looks like work is going to do (Summer is the busy season), what money is like, if I have enough people on my waiting list, and everything else lining up.  If everything isn’t perfect I will push it back until her winter heat.  I do not plan to keep anything from this litter, which means I will be looking for someone to co-own my show puppies with me. And I will have pet puppies available, of course.

Half of me hopes I get something nice.  The other half hopes it’s just a bunch of fluffy pets, because this show puppy thing is rough. My first litter – all pets – was so much easier…

Right now I am thinking I may go back to my “Table of Ellaments” theme for this litter, as it was a lot of fun and I didn’t get to use it. Hagaren’s Nickle and Dime has a nice ring to it.  Dawn suggested that last time, and I thought it was adorable.  There will probably have to be a Hagaren’s Mercury Blues, too.  ;)


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