show results – more than a few days late…

The Fitchburg show last weekend felt like the longest dog show cluster of my life.  Every time I do a cluster I swear I will never, ever, EVER do one again.  The show site was crappy, the weather was awful and frigid, and I came home and instantly got sick.  Since then I’ve mostly worked, and slept when I wasn’t working so that I COULD work, and not felt like doing much, not even posting about all our exciting results.

Despite the crumminess of the show location and the climate, the company at this show was excellent and we all had a great time.  Wins were well spread around, I got to spend time with my puppy owners (Kathy and Jim, who own Ollie and Valentine, and who came to watch three days; and Brianna and Ken, who own Rook, who were down Sunday and Monday), and I finally got to meet Elizabeth, whom I am planning to foist a puppy onto as soon as she will allow it.

Dawn graciously typed up all the results from the weekend, and those can be viewed on her blog, here.  Congrats to all the winners, particularly Dawn for finishing her first Champion, Magnum, with a big 5-point win and Best of Breed over several specials on Sunday.  Magnum was bred by Joanna Kimball and is her first bred-by Cardigan Champion, as well!  And just to drop a cherry on top, Mag went BOB the next day for his first Grand Champion major.


Magnum in the group ring on Monday.


My first day didn’t go well.  I forgot my show clothes and my untrained puppies acted, well, untrained.  Ollie put on the brakes whenever we tried to move, but still got second in his class of three.  I think that Val was better behaved, but I don’t remember what she received. Second of two, I think.  What could I expect – it was Friday the 13th.

On Saturday some kind of a miracle happened.  It was Jim’s (Kathy’s husband and Brian’s father) birthday, so maybe that was it.  I showed like I knew what I was doing (ha!) and the puppies, while they didn’t act like old specials, acted like they were good puppies who had been worked with a lot.  Since they live in a pet home they’ve had no show training.  I had shown to the judge, Dana Cline, before, and knew him to be through and knowledgeable, so I was delighted that he awarded both Ollie and Valentine their first majors, 4 points each.  Ollie was WD/BOW and Valentine was WB/BOS over a bitch special.  Judge Cline had lovely things to say about both babies, and I can’t wait to see the photos, because I think they turned out great.  Happy birthday, Jim!


Ollie in the 6 to 9 class.


Ollie on the move.  Not bad!  I am excited about this puppy.  :)


Ollie free-stacking for Dawn in Best of Breed.


Valentine was terribly inconvenienced, as you can see…


Myself, Valentine, and Judge Dana P. Cline in the 6 to 9 class.


Valentine on the move.


Saturday was where we peaked.  Both puppies were tired and D-O-N-E after their hard work on Saturday and were not cooperative Sunday or Monday.  Ollie was happy, though, and went on to take Reserve to Magnum’s 5-point major on Sunday, and Reserve on Monday, which was 2 points in dogs, so I am still very pleased with him.  Pretty good for a skinny, leggy, clumsy boy who wouldn’t walk on a show lead.  Valentine, however, was exquisitely horrible and removed herself from consideration.  Teenage girls…

Elizabeth was my camera operator on Saturday and took the photos of my puppies.  Thanks!

Click here to view the full album.


2 thoughts on “show results – more than a few days late…

  1. I love Dana Cline…he is the judge that we showed under to finish Nugget. Extremely nice and easy on the dogs, as well as the eyes. :D

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