the big show

Well, it’s finally here.  The black puppies from Ella’s first litter – Valentine, Rook, and Ollie – are debuting this weekend in Fitchburg, MA. Valentine and Ollie are showing four days; Rook will be there with Brianna and Ken on Sunday and Monday.  I am excited by the prospect of success, and terrified by the probability possibility of failure.  We have majors most days, including 5 points in dogs on Sunday.  There are only two points in bitches on Monday.  We are all rooting for Magnum, who needs just four singles to finish, and his soon-to-be-bride Eva, who (I think) needs just a point.  Regardless of what happens, it will be a good time with great friends.


2 thoughts on “the big show

  1. Yep, just one point. Also, 5 of Shade’s kids from his first litter are debuting. So we will have MANY goofy puppies there that weekend. And we have a major on Monday, just barely. Although our point schedule will be going up with all these puppies showing this year. :)

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