Meet Magnum.  Known to friends and family as plain ol’ ‘Num, he is “Blacksheep Smoking Gun.”  Magnum is bred by Joanna Kimball of Blacksheep Cardigans, and is owned by Dawn Small.  He also happens to be the most photogenic animal on Earth.

If you can get him in the frame, that is.  He is so fast, and can turn on a dime.  Once he grows into a brain (he’ll be two in a few weeks, and is a boy, so it may be a while…) he will be an agility monster.



He has male model written all over him.


“Hmmmm. Wha’s this here?”  (He also has a lovely lisp, but you’ll have to provide that.)


And he has the best huge, round, velvety Cardi ears I have ever seen.


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