back in the saddle

My friends either like me, or take pity on me for my various misadventures!

A couple of weeks ago I received a new-to-me digital SLR camera (an Olympus E-500), compliments of Mark Thorson of Samhain Cardigans in Washington.  As I have been without a “good” camera for some time, having one is like being able to breathe again.  You don’t appreciate what it is to have a descent piece of equipment until you are without.  Thanks Mark, and thanks Kim for doing the shipping leg-work to get the old girl to Maine.

There are lots of photos from my practice sessions posted and shared publicly on my Facebook page.  In fact, I’ve found that the easiest way to post pictures to the blog is to copy the URL from where they live on Facebook – who has a FAR superior uploader to WordPress – so these are old news for most people, but here are a few of my favorites.


Valentine of the stunning brindle points.


Velocicorgi Valentine takes on Whiskey..


This is the kind of picture I missed being able to take.  :)


Ollie and Whiskey.


Ollie’s “starburst” ear.


The family sharing a stick.


The Wonder Twins.


Ella in a winter wonderland.


Valentine and Ella have a stand-off.


“Evil” Valentine.  A wind came and blew all the snow off the trees in the back yard, powder-coating the dogs.

When Val shook off she was left with the eyebrows. :)




Ollie: “I tol yoo if yoo woodn’t be good, Valentine, I’d sit on yoo.”


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