“Breeder of Magical Creatures.”


Magical Creatures, huh?


Everyone knows that, in days of ol’, the Pembroke Welsh Corgwn were the steeds of fairies, as evidenced by the pale “saddle marks” behind their shoulders. The pairs would cavort about the Welsh countryside, shaking their heads at the crude efforts of men and chasing after Red Dragons, which were then plentiful and nuisance-y.

corgifairyBUT! it is a little-known fact that Cardigan Welsh Corgwn were the chosen companions of the Faerie Elite.  The Elite favored the Cardigan because their flavor of magic, whimsical and potent, enhanced their own abilities. 

The dragons are gone.  The Fae Folk are mostly gone. The dogs remain, because they took a sidelong glace at the men and their machines and decided they’d hitch their wagon to the more invasive species.

Sorry, fairies. 

I have fallen in love with this brand of magic, and hope to tap it for my plans of world domination, one puppy at a time…

This may take a while.

welsh dragon

Here at Hagaren, we love a story.


All of my dogs descend from Golem’s daughter, Ella.  As of this writing, Ella has 18 children, 14 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren.

Ella (“Hagaren’s Kinetic”)
Brrr (“Hagaren Regent Where Bluebirds Fly”)
Jolie (“Hagaren’s Paradise Circus”) and Shadow (“Hagaren’s Permanent Daylight”)


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Same view, seasons apart.


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